Saturday, April 07, 2007


Yes, it has been awhile, but I don't feel bad about it, so I am not going to apologize. haha just kidding. Anyways, this last week was crazy for us because I had exams all week. But thursday was my last one and now I just have placement. Well I still have two big tests to write but that is nothing. I am soo releived to not have assignments and all that anymore. WOO HOO!!
Ok now I have nothing else to say. I will post again when I feel more creative, my brain went to mush after my last exam.


Blogger The Martins Home said...

I figured you would blog now that you are done. GOod to see you back.
Happy Easter! The Martins

7/4/07 19:15  
Blogger Paula T said...

I'll call off the hounds I sent ou looking for you :-)

8/4/07 10:57  
Blogger Scott and Kelli said...

Happy Easter!

Missed you guys! :)

8/4/07 12:16  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey everyone, its me again.
I left a note on the blog about the archive video with my addresses. So get in touch!!
Oh how I've missed you all.
lots of luv

11/4/07 18:46  

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