Saturday, January 27, 2007

Noah has some explaining to do!

We were sitting around the table having dinner and discussing our days with one another. Caleb began to tell a story about when his class was waiting outside the local pool to go back to their school, some older kids were outside the door near them smoking cigarettes. He exclaimed how gross it was and how it was making him want to cough. Then Noah jumped into the conversation saying "Yeah, when I get older I don't want to smoke EVER AGAIN!!!!" Yikes.


Blogger Renny said...

First Noah tells "mama" that "it's okay", then he tries puffing-away his guilty conscience. I'm tellin' ya -- gotta keep an eye on that kid!

4/2/07 16:29  
Blogger Erin said...

Hi guys, I registered with the online settlers etc. thing. It is sooo much more complicated/ or busy looking than the one that i normally use (the same that paula has linked) but I played a game against the bots and am ready to play you. I am Privyet. When do you normally play?

1/3/07 05:55  
Blogger Erin said...

Hi again, it would be great to play you guys. the tricky thing is the time zone thing. hmm. i usually play at night which is your morning... you are at work/school then i would think. but we could do it at a concrete time every week and i could even play in the middle of the night or something. when could you guys play?
this is where I play-
it is free and really simple/basic. Try playing against bots- just call your game solo or something. Using the small board is easier to figure out, just check the box. FNT means fast no trading if you want to play against others. Sometimes there are trading games but they take longer of course. I am used to the fast 15 min games:)

I do like the look of where you play too, just more complicated:) We just need to make a date:)

3/3/07 11:23  
Blogger marla said...

Just been looking for more news from the Kuchtas...

10/3/07 22:47  
Blogger Renny said...

Yeah, good question: when are you going to blog again?

(Like I'm one to talk. I just made my first entry in over a month and a half).

25/3/07 16:48  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ACK!! Noah!!

1/4/07 07:39  

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