Saturday, December 02, 2006

Our kids are movie stars


Blogger The Martins Home said...

Is that Caleb Hawkins singing? Vern wants to know if he has email. He would like to write to him. Good job Noah and Caleb K


2/12/06 20:10  
Blogger Paula T said...

that is soo cool!!! Who is the artist? I like the song but don't know the artist? And why would he ruin a perfectly good guitar?!?!??!!?! ahhhhhhhhh!!! That is really cool though. Your boys did an awesome job!


3/12/06 05:51  
Blogger David and Erin James said...

Very neat! Good job Caleb and Noah, they were perfect. I know Robin Frigeri from Westgate I guess. He looked familiar in the clip and then when I saw his name I really remembered him.

3/12/06 07:41  
Blogger Scott and Kelli said...

I remembered u showing us this clip, again.. your boys did a great job!! Caleb was awesome too :)

3/12/06 13:56  
Anonymous Caleb Hawkins said...

Hey guys, looks good on here. I am constantly being asked where these kids came from. There awesome. Just for the record the guitar was 20 dollars from a pawn shop and the plan is to have the crew and cast all sign it and it'll go into the "Hawkins Hall of Fame".

3/12/06 21:42  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Caleb Hawkins wrote and sang the song. He is a friend of ours. He asked Caleb and Noah to participate in a couple videos. I'll upload the other vid when I have time.


7/12/06 13:14  

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