Friday, December 22, 2006

One More Tooth~!!


Blogger David and Erin James said...

Nice, first one for Noah right?! Isn't it kinda early? Or is it the normal time? Maybe Emma will lose one soon then...
I like the bloody toilet paper, wouldn't want to have missed out on that part of the experience:)

22/12/06 23:45  
Blogger mckuchta said...

It's actually his third. Our kids tend to loose their teeth really early, they also grew teeth really early as babies.

23/12/06 07:15  
Blogger David and Erin James said...

Wow, 3rd! Ours got teeth early- all had one by 3 months but so far Emma's are all still in. I hope they do come out soon cause they aren't in the best condition. Noah looks like he's got really good, white and strong teeth!

23/12/06 08:47  
Blogger Scott and Kelli said...

aww Congratulations,Noah !! wow,pretty early.. My Noah is still all in ..Abigail just lost her third tooth on the first week of December and she s only 7! heh..

23/12/06 17:10  

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