Sunday, December 17, 2006

Merry Christmas


Blogger shroomAzoom said...

Your home movies are the best. Thanks!

18/12/06 06:24  
Blogger Paula T said...

Between the Harbrons and the Kuchta's you have a whole cast eh?!?!?! :-)

We did our xmas kids thing this sunday as well. But, instead of doing it live (like we've done in the past) we recorded it and then had someone edit it into a video. I want to post it, but I'd have to have permission from all the parents. Suffice it to say, we had the wise men living in the land of Judo, and the angels saying "fear not...or else!" LOL

18/12/06 07:03  
Blogger Scott and Kelli said...

good job kids! Merry Christmas!

18/12/06 10:17  
Blogger David and Erin James said...

Very Cute, I had to show that one a few times to Emma, she likes it a lot. Peter is so tall! Good job guys! Emma wishes she could have held the I and been next to Peter:( or the A and been next to Heidi. :(

19/12/06 07:20  

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