Friday, December 15, 2006

Duluth for the Weekend!!

We did some Christmas shopping in Duluth this weekend with Shannon's parents. I think we did ok and stayed within budget. I was eyeing up one of the back massage chairs, but I think I will keep that a dream. (the real story is that shannon would not let me buy it)


Blogger Scott and Kelli said...

The kids looks like they are getting ready to take off into space! ;)

I did a little of Christmas shopping the past few days too but still LOTS more to go!!! :( 10 more days!!

15/12/06 16:05  
Blogger David and Erin James said...

cute picture.

good job shannon, kevin you can just go to the stores and sit and use them until they kick you out. They have really nice ones at the Bay in Calgary- david and I often sat and relaxed in them:)

16/12/06 09:29  

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