Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Any Volunteers

I (kevin) have been teaching our Jr. Church for the last couple years. At I did not have any materials to use, so I defaulted to using the bible :). Hence, the children have been reading a day by day (read in a year) paraphrased version. During our 40min weekly class, I quiz them on the week before as well as give a small teaching on one of the concepts presented withing the week. This system has been going so well for the last 2 years that I think this will become my standard.

To get to the title of this blog: I need volunteers who have the following

1. Digital camera which takes video or digital voice recorder or mic on comp.
2. time to read and record 5 or more days of themselves reading.
3. the time to upload these to google video or youtube or some video site.

This will allow me to link these together to provide the childrens bible in audio for children who find it easier to read along with someone.

If you know any one who would like to use these links in there own Jr. church site... great.

Well here is an example of a post:

Saturday, November 04, 2006

I know, it's about time eh!

It's saturday and after reading up on all the blogs and seeing that marla can keep up recent posts, I am inspired to post.
Things have been crazy for me this year. Seems like my learning curve in second year is sky rocketing. Probably because the skills we are learning now have greater responsibility. It is interesting how things build on eachother, and now I can finally understand why we had to learn certain things last year. I can now give needles and medication and change dressing on some really big wounds. Very fun, most of the time. I am currently at the regional hospital doing my placement on a surgical unit (not the OR, but where patients are before and after surgery) on tuesday and wednesday, the other days are classes.
I am shocked at how fast life goes by these days. It feels like I just started school and I am already talking about graduating this June, I can't beleive it.
Well that's all I have time for, I am curious to see how long it takes for people to see I posted. Probably all gave up on me, haha. I will try to not be so stale.