Friday, July 21, 2006

A few pictures of Rudy and Lois' house!!!

Saturday, July 01, 2006

I got a job!

Just a recent pic of the kids at their soccer tournament.

I got an interview at versa-care centre which is an elderly care facility, and they hired me. I did my orientation this last week which was three 7-3 shifts and I shadowed another PSW to get to know the job. It is not too bad, at least it will be some good experience for now. I really enjoy the residents, some are really sweet, but there are a few feisty one's that will take your head off if given a chance. I was a little shocked by that. I havent really had to deal with any hostile patients before so when I was told to hold the hands of a certain resident while doing there morning care so that I don't get hit or pinched I was a little shocked. One sweet lady told me she wanted to introduce me to her mother who was sitting not to far away (the lady was in her 90s, so the chances of her mother being there was pretty impossible) so she began calling her mother over to meet me. I didn't know if I should just stand there and wait or what I should do. She kept calling and obviously her mother did not come to her calling so she said maybe I could meet her another time. So now I have to sit back and hope I get some calls for shifts.