Sunday, April 09, 2006

Kids + Uncle Deans Camera

Caleb has been producing little documentaries ever since he was in the movie... "The Hit Man". If the Hawkin Boys are reading this... we still haven't got a copy of that video.

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Saturday, April 01, 2006

You won't believe my week!!

TUESDAY.......So the strike ended and I returned back to school on Tuesday. It was hard to wake up early again, but I managed. While I was at school, my friend Farrah and I were in the library working on an assignment when this girl came up to us and asked if she could film us working. We didn't think anything of it because there are always people in the college that walk around with huge video camera's since there is a film production program, so we said sure. Then she asked if I would be ok with talking about how I felt about being back at school. I said sure and she brought the camera right infront of my face and pulls out this microphone that says tbnews on it. By this time I was beginning to answer her questions and it was to late to back out. So I just told myself that it was not going to even make it on the news because I didn't really say anything special and I didn't speak very well. Turns out I was wrong and my interview was on the news, and to top it all off I managed to say something negative or at least what came across as negative about the teachers ON TV. After I saw it I panicked, and it didn't help when kev exclaimed after having watched it how brutal what I said was, I was terrified to go back to school. If you want to see what I said it might still be on their website for viewing under Students return to their studies. Basically I said something about how they are going to be "skimping" on a few things. So far I haven't had any bad vibes from any teachers, but I haven't seen them all yet:$
SO THEN THERE WAS FRIDAY...... Friday is the day I go to clinical, which has been at the hospital in the pediatric unit. I have enjoyed it very much so far and this Friday was my turn to work in the outpatient area, which is very exciting and a great opportunity to get a lot of practice with taking vitals and working with multiple patients. Turns out that two of my patients were going to be getting circumcisions. I was in the middle of taking a baby boys blood pressure and the nurse yells to me that Id better hurry and get in room 1 or I am going miss my opportunity to watch the circ (as students we look for opportunities like this for experience) So I was very excited about this. Now without giving to many details for the sake of not grossing you out and for the confidentiality reasons, near the end things went a little off (but it was fine) I wasn't grossed out at all, really, but for some reason my head started spinning and I felt nauseated. I was hoping it was going to pass, because I didn't want to interrupt the procedure. Meanwhile the Dr and the nurse doing the circ were chatting away, I knew that if I didn't sit down I was going to either fall into the table they were doing the circ on or fall against the wall. I could see a chair out of the corner of my eye behind the nurse so I opted to use it instead. Of course they noticed and asked if I was ok. I couldn't even answer them it was awful. They were really good about it, the Dr asked if I had eaten breakfast yet which I hadn't and he began to explain what was going on in my body as far as insulin etc. I was really embarrassed, how am I gonna be a nurse if I faint over a little blood, besides that's kevins job, Im the tough one when it comes to that stuff, so I thought. But the rest of the day was full a great stories of many nurses and dr's and paramedics who had experienced some lightheadedness their first time seeing something. I tell you what though, if I ever have another boy, I might reconsider the whole thing...And how was your week!!!!