Saturday, February 18, 2006

Another game of Name the Faces...

My guess is that Shroom will get them first...

Dad News.

The Scene:
It was end of a long week and I had used up most of my stash of patience. Our family (including Dean), were all at the supper table.

Caleb and Chloe both were telling"knock knock" jokes and "Chicken crossing the road jokes" which they had made up. It was a long dinner seeing that none of us found any humour in the jokes.

Finnally, the last of my stash of patience was used up.

I exclaimed aloud,"That is it! No more jokes at the table today!"

Noah quietly appealed, "Dad, I didn't get to tell mine."

I answered,"Ok Noah, you can tell one joke."

Noah started, "Why did Chloe cross the road?"

Everyone asked,"Why?"

Noah answered,"Cause she wanted to be a chicken"

At first we caught off gaurd that it was actually a pretty funny joke coming from a 4 year old. Dean and I couldn't contain our laughter...