Thursday, November 24, 2005


      Guess it has been awhile eh!  Sorry about that.  Things have been a little crazy with school.  It still is, but I need a mental break and thought I could blog.  It is the time of the semester where projects are due.  Major projects, with major tests in the middle of getting these done.  I found discovered once again, how I wish I were the type of person who did things ahead of time. But no, I am struggling at the last minute and will end up doing a terrible job.  Maybe one day I will learn, hopefully before the two years is up.  I have also discovered that I hate group projects.  I am always so afraid of being the one that doesn’t do enough that I end up volunteering to do more than I should be.
     The kids are doing well. They are just getting adjusted to things now.  This is a little sad, since come January, it will all change and we will have to figure everything out all over again.
They are happy to have snow. Caleb is the usually the first one out there.  
     They are pretty excited now that we have a couple new renters downstairs.  Dave Wolframe (for the second time) and for the first time Rob Cain (the English bloke).  Which is going to be nice.       
     Hey, if anyone is looking for a nice house to buy, my parents are selling theirs out in Stanley. It’s a nice house.
     Does anyone out there know APA format very well? I am struggling.
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