Saturday, October 22, 2005

token post

It's been a little while since I posted. I have been really busy, lots of tests. I totally feel that I have nothing of value to post but I am anyways.
I am doing farely well with my tests, but I can't help but feel like I could do better. I have 2 tests this next week and a big anotomy test next monday. It is hard for me to figure out what to study. I want to get a head start on anatomy but am busy with the task at hand. Frustrating.
I was laughing in my sociology class the other day when we were talking about the differences in gender. We have a very feministic teacher who is always pointing out the difference between male and female equality. How they make more money for the same jobs etc. She started to talk about how slowly fathers are starting to get more involved with thier kids and things around the house. This one guy in my class started saying how he helps out with the dishes and cooks and spends time at home with the kids. Everyone began clapping when he finished, including the feminist teacher. This made me chuckle. I really wanted to say something about how those are things that most mothers do everyday, all the time. Wheres their applause. Not that I am a feminist, I just thought that was interesting, that's all. There is so many things in that class that is hard to sit and listen to.
Just thought I would add a little pic. Who wants to play quess the cutie???

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Fun field trip!!

I was so excited when chloe brought home a note from school regarding a field trip for a morning where I didn't have school. I was then even more excited when noah brought home the same letter for the same field trip. I felt so blessed that it worked out to be a time where I had off from school and that they were both going.
The field trip was to gammondale farm, and the gammonds are also cousins of mine, and also the place where I got my first job at 11.(2$ an hr) It was great. We had a great time. My only complaint was that, being this time of year, they had halloween decorations everywhere. They also had a boo barn. Their own little cle version of a haunted house. I felt the need to protest and not allow my kids to go. I had my two kids and 3 others in my group and the 3 kids I was with wanted to go, and I had to take them and unfortunately had to take my kids as well. I really don't understand the enjoyment behind halloween. Why teachers and people think it is healthy to talk to kids about ghosts and witches and goblins. Putting up scary skelotons everywhere. This type of stuff is exactly why I could not sleep at night without a light on and would run as fast as I could from the basement when I needed to get something. So of course, as expected at bedtime chloe sat their wide eyed saying she didn't want to close her eyes cause she kept seeing ghosts. Noah seemed ok though, he seemed to understand how fake it was, because when we were in there I grabbed all the things to show them they were fake. I don't know, this stuff just baffles me. Besides that and the rain, it was a very fun feild trip.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Are you scared Noah?

Hey everyone.
This is Kevin. I usually have nothing to say in writing, so i don't add to the mckuchta blog, but I had to add a little bit about our son Noah.
Shannon, the kids and I went with my parents to help finish off our hunting cabin on Mokamen road. As we were cruising at high speeds down the back roads of Mokamen over those famous Mokamen hills, we would cheer as we proceeded over the top of the hill and quickly desended downward.
As we all laughed Caleb exclaimed, "I feel a little scared when we do that... Noah, do you feel scared?".
Noah thought for a moment and said,"No... , but my pee pee does"

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Queen of procrastination!!

Yep, that's me. I only wish that I could learn my lesson from my 26yrs of experience of leaving things to the last minute and then rushing to get things done while somewhat panicking. I have my first major test monday morning in anatomy. I seem to be doing everything but study. Although I have been feeling a little ill. I think I am having a reaction to a heb A&B vaccine I had the other day, but who knows. Anyway, it is just another excuse to procrastinate. I almost wonder if I can only do things from being under pressure, as if that is the best way I work. Even though I know that if I had started studying a week or so ago, I would have a better chance of retaining the information rather than cramming it into my brain 2 days before the test. Who knows, maybe I will eventually learn my lesson. I hope I figure it out soon, I have 3 tests next week. Any good study tips out there??