Thursday, September 29, 2005

movie test results

Thursday, September 22, 2005

So far so good!!

After today I will be officially finished my second week of school and its been pretty good. Everything seems to be working out with the kids and kev's schedule. My mother in law has been great. My mom has helped as well as Juliana and our good buddy Dean. So now it is time to get serious about studying. There is so much to do, I think if I did everything that I was supposed to I would do nothing but school.
I have been doing ok so far with anything I have been marked on, which is encouraging. I have a communications course, so maybe I will finally learn good grammar. I am sure reading my blog for some of you is painful, you know who you are!!;)
Noah came home from school the other day ( his second day) and when I asked him how his day was he told me that he cried and wanted to go home..:( When we asked him why, he said he was drawing a picture of mommy and he got in trouble cause he was supposed to be drawing "all about me" or him. This so broke my heart. He just wanted to draw a picture of mommy.:(

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Learning styes. arg...

How many ways are there to determine a learning style. So far I have learned 4. It seems every new class I go to the teacher cant wait for us to do this annoying test on our learning style. First, in socioly we did a ten minute test to determine our learning style. I ended up being a naturalist??? I don't get it but that is what I was. Then we had to break up into our groups with others who had the same dominant learning styles as you. I was the only naturalist, so I thought I would choose by next dominant style, one else for that either. Eventually someone felt sorry for me and joined my group anyway. Next, in proffessional growth, i learned that I am a rational thinker(who knew) and then in nursing theory I was interpersonal and in human relationships I am an auditory learner. In sociology, the suggestion for a naturalist were to study outside or listen to a nature cd of waterfalls or birds or whatever, no thanks. I think the things about "nature" on the quiz related to my recreational enjoyment and has nothing to do with my study habits. One thing I do know though, is that I cannot retain information from a text. So that confirms the whole auditory learning theory. And how come noone told me that when we have to read a chapter from these texts that it takes 2hrs for one chapter.. Arg...

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

My baby's first day.:(

So today Noah went to school. So sad and cute at the same time. He is also alot smaller than the other kids, but who know maybe he will catch up. I miss him already. I am excited though, because on wednesday mornings, i don't have class so I will be able to go to the school to volunteer when I don't have mounts of reading to do, like I do today, so I'd better get to it and make this a short blog.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Its gonna get busy..

I have only had two days of classes and I already have a huge to do list. And I havent even got to anatomy yet. Gonna be fun. I couldn't believe how much books cost either, my goodness. I tried to use used books but they change them so much that it ends up being a pain trying to figure out how to use the old books that you end up having to buy the new editions. Oh well, I have them now. The one nice thing about being in school is that after being away from the kids all day I really miss them and our time together is really great when I am home. Noah got himself stuck in the basketball hoop.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Mommy's first day of school!!

So, I get there, only to find out that the first day was actually yesterday.OOPS. Missed that page I guess. I was also a bit late so i got to enjoy the awkwardness of walking in late. I met a girl from newfoundland who also has 3kids so that was cool. I realized something about myself though. Turns out when I am around people with accents, I tend to pick them up. Why is that?
So then I experienced first day of school nightmare 101. We went on a scavenger hunt thing so that we had to explore around the school. When we came back, my team and I stood at the door while the teacher asked us how we did, with them other teams that had arrived before us watching and listening to us. When all of a sudden this little girl(18) taps me on the shoulder and whispers to me "Your fly is undone" To my horror, she was right. Oh well. Anyways, nice way to make a first impression on poeple.
Kids also had their first full day of school. Chloe's first time in french immersion, which she thinks is pretty funny. I heard her singing in gibberish and when I looked at her she confidently said "it's french mom" like I didn't know. Funny.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Daddy's little girl!!

My boys.. They looked so handsome. You would be surprised how much it costs to rent those tuxes....Crazy.

Silly Noah. We have many goofy pics of him, but I think this is one of my favorites.

Just a few pics of the kids!

The kids were in a wedding party this summer for our friends Kurt Brietsprecker and his now wife Carrie. Chloe was the flower girl and the boys were the ring bearers or as Chloe called them the wheel barrells. They did such a good job, I was nervous they wouldn't but it went very well...

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Following the crowd!!:o)

Well, we did it. We are following the crowd, all you bloggers out there. Cant beat them join them.haha. We were trying to think of an easier way to let our youth group know what was happening week to week and thought this would be efficient, (and maybe a fun way to keep in contact with a few of our friends) Not that I think anyone will even read this.heh.
So, a quick update on the kuchtas. Well, school is starting in a few days, for 4 of us. well actually 5 since kev will be working in the school. My youngest is now gonna be in school and I find this very sad. He seems way to little. And mommy is also going to be in school as well. So it is gonna be a fun year or 2 i guess. There is gonna be a little bit of juggling going on with a few days where either of us arent back in time to meet the kids bus, but i am sure it is going to work out.
So, seeing as we are new to this blog thing, any of you experts out there, if you have any advice, please feel free. Hope to hear from you.....